Amma in Mannheim, Germany 2011

10 -12 Nov 2011 , Mannheim, Germany On the first evening Amma was greeted by several local dignitaries. Renowned artist Gabriele von Lutzau, who collaborated with AYUDH during the 2011 summer retreat officially welcomed Amma to Mannheim Read More


Amma in London 2011

15 – 17 Nov, London, UK There was an extensive media presence during the programs. Amma’s visit was covered by almost all major media outlets including the BBC, The Telegraph, and The Sun. Read More


Amma visits Munich, Germany 2011

27 – 29 October, Munich, Germany – Europe Yatra 2011 Amma was welcomed to Munich in a traditional Bavarian fashion, as devotees lined up in lederhosen and dirndl outfits and played folk music as she walked under throngs of roses. Read More


Amma in Barcelona 2011

5 -7 Nov 2011, Barcelona, Spain “I think that if love is possible to transmit in a physical form, Amma achieves this. She achieves to transmit this sensation of internal love” Read More


Amma in Toulon, France 2011

31 Oct – 2 Nov 2011, Toulon, France Sister Marie Samuel, head of a Catholic nun monastery, who came for Amma’s darshan for share her views on Amma and she said: “A saint, an Indian saint, a high saint, truly. She is close to God but also close to her human brothers in pain and sorrow. She is authentic. Yesterday, I saw the film (Embracing the world) in the hall, I had tears in my eyes, she didn’t hesitate to […]


Onam celebration with Amma 2011

9 Sep 2011, Amritapuri In her Onam message Amma said “Just as sweetness cannot be separated from honey, just as the beauty cannot be separated from the rainbow, Onam cannot be separated from a Malayali’s heart. Read More


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